Radenko Milak & Roman Uranjek


Radenko Milak (1980) was born in Travnik, Roman Uranjek (1961) was born in Trbovlje, both cities were part of the former Yugoslavia. Uranjek is the founding member of the Slovenian art collective IRWIN and a member of the Neue Slovenische Kunst (NSK). The two artists started working together on their joint project DATES in 2014, after realizing that both of them tied their artistic work to the domain of cultural and political activism using artistic means.


Uranjek collects images from different periods of history and presents them as one collage, constructing a narrative based on the avant-garde aesthetics of storytelling. These image-making methods express his relationship with the flood of news nowadays, where the quantity and speed of information overwrites its accuracy and gravitas. Milak reworks photojournalistic images into monochrome watercolours. By keeping some features of black and white photography, he refers to the origins of his artworks. This way they give new meaning to well-known or abandoned images of the 20th Century history. Their perspectives on political history, society, and art create a common ground for their cooperative work as artists; hence they create a contemporary art puzzle with countless layers of significance for interpretation.

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