DK (1970) graduated from FPS in Munich and obtained his master’s degree from IVAS in Cologne. He has been member of the Strip Core art collective for over thirty years. He lived and worked between Ljubljana, Cologne, Munich, Vienna and Belgrade for a number of years. His creative process is based on artistic research, which results in an in-depth visual representation of themes often touching on socio-political and social issues. Recently, his research has also revealed a wide spectrum of dilemmas facing the photographic medium, from the subject/object relationship to the questions of the perception horizon and research into the truth/image, real/virtual, and authentic/false relationships.


With an original visual and conceptual approach to photography, the remarkable body of work encourages awareness of actual reality through visual narrative, not through immediate effect. However, DK’s work touches the viewer on a more sublime level, yet with a far-reaching impact. His work has been presented internationally and published in several publications and two monographs, and forms part of private and museum collections in Slovenia and across the world. In 2019, he presented his first large selection of abstract photographs in Jakopič Gallery in an exhibition titled Scotoma.

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