About Us



Galerija Fotografija was founded in 2003 by Barbara Čeferin, with the intention of popularising quality photography and bringing it closer to the wider Slovene public. As the first private gallery in Slovenia dedicated to fine art photography, it seeks to explore the nuances of photography and its many intersections with other artistic mediums. The Ljubljana-based gallery organises up to eight exhibitions of local and international artists per year. It tries to include both established as well as emerging artists, showing works that span from the traditional to the contemporary. The gallery often collaborates with other institutions in Slovenia and abroad, and perhaps most importantly, participates in international fairs all over the world since 2010. With all of the above, Galerija Fotografija is fulfilling its mission: to help develop and sell emerging and established artists in the field of photography and showcase some of our best talent at home and abroad.





Since 2014, the gallery runs a specialised bookshop dedicated to the most recent titles in the field of photography, both from Slovene and international authors. Apart from an abundant collection of books, the gallery bookshop also focuses on archival and acid-free material for storage and archiving artworks according to museum standards. Every year, the bookshop is part of the Slovene Book Fair, where in 2018 it established a special section dedicated to photobooks, Fotocona. Galerija Fotografija also functions as a small publishing house.