Yenny Huber


Yenny Huber is a professional artist who has exhibited widely in galleries and public spaces in Australia and Europe. She has been a grant recipient and finalist in several prestigious awards. With her home in Australia yet of Norwegian Austrian decent, Yenny spends part of the year working on projects in Europe as well as Australia and other parts of the world. The residencies include Kunstnerhuset in Lofoten, Northern Norway; The city of Ljubljana, Slovenia; or the Cité International des Arts, Paris, France. Cultural diversity, the perception of space, the memory of place and time as well as the beauty of light and nature has always been a great inspiration to her work, - where traditional photographic techniques are often fused with other mediums such as projection, sound and performance, sculpture or installation.
Recent exhibitions include Reflections, Vienna; There is no light without darkness, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2009, Yenny Huber Solo, The Studio, Melbourne Art Fair; Nuit Blanche, Paris; Les Rencontres dʼArles Photographic Festival and The Ballroom, Alliançe Française, Melbourne; 48 Stunden, Public Art Installation, City of Ljubljana.