Andreas H. Bitesnich


Andreas Bitesnich (1964) is an Austrian photographer who exhibits his black-and-white works all over the world. Since the appearance of his classic book NUDES in 1998, Andreas H. Bitesnich has firmly established himself (through further works such as ‘On Form‘ and ‘More Nudes’), as Europe’s foremost photographer of the male and female form. The book won the Kodak Photography Book Award the same year. Apart from portraits, he is well-known and respected for his unique approach to travel and street photography, seen through his ‘Deeper Shades’ city series, and, most obviously through his seminal work ‘India’. He is also a master of portraits, which are recognizable by their simplicity and photographic depth. This is also typical of his nudes. He exhibits in Austria but also Germany, France, USA, Portugal and elsewhere. To this day he has published 30 photobooks, most of them in collaboration with the prestigious publisher TeNeues.

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