Boris Gaberščik & Lucija Rosc: Compositions - Parallel Monologues

9 February - 19 March 2022

The artists will be present at the exhibition opening on Wednesday from 16.00 until 19.00.



The selection of works in this exhibition is based on a dialogue between two artists - the established photographer Boris Gaberščik and emerging artist Lucija Rosc. Both artists are dedicated to the motif of still life in their work, approaching it from different angles, interpreting it in their own way, and placing their compositions into contemporary photographic contexts.


Boris Gaberščik is one of the most acclaimed Slovene photographers, who received the Prešeren Foundation award in 2019. In his works, he combines found objects and places them in imaginative formations by way of using composition and light with unparalleled precision. The emerging artist Lucija Rosc regards the theme of still life in a decidedly contemporary way, creating abstract sculptures out of seemingly unimportant or nostalgic objects, which placed together on colorful backgrounds, form a kind of family archive.


The combined artists present two ways of approaching the same motif and create a dialogue in composition - between traditional and contemporary, analogue and digital, and established and emerging.