After a successfuly completed workshop led by Simon Chang in our gallery in Autumn 2020, we are continuing our cooperation with Simon and we are inviting you to enroll in a  second edition of the workshop entitled Secrets between Skin and Shirt.


Applications :
230 eur (22% VAT incl.)

Participants of Simon's previous workshop are given 10% discount.


About the workshop


On capturing the profound and intricate spirt of a human subject, Henri Cartier-Bresson once remarked, “You have to try and put your camera between the skin of a person and his shirt.” It is an immensely vivid metaphor; the exceptional care, or even intimacy, for your subject is something you are not taught in photography school. The Secrets between Skin and Shirt photography workshop plans to share with you how to move closer to the thoughts of authentic characters, how to turn yourself into a sheet of blank paper, and how to record any and all characters and stores that excite you, either through images or penned words, on that blank sheet of paper as reminders or comparison sketches to be repeatedly reused. What is even more intriguing is how to use your own methods of observation and interpretation of the people around you. Another highlight of the workshop is for the participants to exhibit and share— Simon eagerly anticipates the way in which you will arrange your photo series to tell that human story.


“Secrets between Skin and Shirt” will also help you to focus on the practice and discussion of photo editing, learn how to organize the narrative of a series or story, and encourage you to employ different angles and possibilities to edit your photo story. We will find the most singular essence of each character or story, the most moving way details are articulated, or how different elements of storytelling logic play upon one another or bear the potential to expand. If we all choose different mediums, such as exhibitions, photo books, or photo zines, to showcase the same images, how can we best utilize attributes of each medium to arrange a genuine story? You must give yourself the opportunity to use new methods when experiencing a journey potentially full of surprises. 


In February 2022, a pop-up exhibition will be held at Galerija Fotografija to mark the conclusion of the Secrets between Skin and Shirt workshop. This opportunity will allow you to share and exhibit your photo stories.


A brief work plan and schedule of the workshop



05.11.2021 , 17h - 20h 

 General introduction about the workshop, Secrets between Skin and Shirt / Reviewing the portfolio and previous works of the participants / Workflow about the workshop (+ homework exercise)



19.11.2021 , 7h - 20h 

 Editing session 01 / The identity of your photo story / Rough selection of the image stories / Examples / Group discussion (+ homework exercise)



10.12.2021, 17h - 20h

 Editing session 02 / Your unique approaches to the stories / Rough selection of the image stories / Examples / Group discussion (+ homework exercise)




January 2022 

 Editing session 03 / The alternatives of your storytelling and narratives / Refinement of the selection / Group discussion (+ homework exercise)


January or February 2022

 Editing session 04 / Finding your own voice through a photography exhibition (installation) / Confirmation of the final selection / Group discussion 


February 2022

Final presentation (pop-up exhibition at Galerija Fotografija) 


Applications :
230 eur (DDV/VAT incl.)

Participants of Simon's previous workshop are given 10% discount.



About Simon Chang


Simon Chang was born in Taipei, Taiwan, 1978. 

Simon has been living and working as a documentary photographer in Europe since 2003, mainly focusing on stories about people whose voices were rarely heard, the communities being ignored by mainstream society, and the mental-health issues in the post-conflict regions, etc. Shortly after graduating from the department of communication arts of Catholic Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taipei, Simon moved to Prague, Czech Republic and got accepted to the Master’s program in photography at Prague Film and Television Academy of the Performing Arts (FAMU) in 2014. He has been based in Ljubljana since 2010.  


Simon is the winner of multiple Slovenia Press Photo Awards in the best story category (people/sport) in 2011, 2012 and 2015, and he was also awarded the Kaohsiung Awards and the Golden Tripod Awards (2 times), two of the most prestigious awards of contemporary art and book publication in Taiwan in 2011, 2018 and 2020. His works have been exhibited in museums and galleries both in Europe and Asia, including the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid (Spain), the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow (Russia), National Culture Centre, Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Balassi Institute - Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (Germany), Trieste Contemporanea (Italy), Taipei Fine Arts Museum (Taiwan), National Art Museum in Beijing (China), etc. 

October 11, 2021