Paris Photo 2011

10 - 13 November 2011 

Group show presented by Galerija Fotografija  focuses on the presentation of 8 artists represented by the gallery. As a young gallery at the Paris Photo fair our wish is that the exhibition would represent a cut through the gallery programme which is focused on modern and  contemporary photography, but works with strong aestethic elements and accentuated contents are our primarily selection . Since we represent  very different authors our leading curatorial idea has very classical approach. The exhibition is based on basic iconographical motifs such as landscape, nude, portrait and still-life and offers views of different artists to the subject.
Uroš Abram is presenting his series Made in me – nudes. Last year he had exhibited portraits done in his mouth (using the principle of camera obscura). He has further explored the relationship between the photographed body  and photographing with the body in the series Nudes with puting the consideration about the media and its relationship in the forefront. Also the presentation of the photos folows this idea.
Specific for its photographic approach is also work by Euro Rotelli. He is working with Polaroid camera and the interventions into the developing process give specifics to his atypical nondescripitive photographic images with painterly and haptic qualities. His motifs: nude, landscape, dancers.
Klavdij Sluban and Jane Štravs are both established authors. While Sluban is synonim for melancholic B&W journeys into the vast and lonely, Štravs has developed his very subjective views on urban landscapes just  recently.
Stojan Kerbler was named slovenian Henri Cartier Bresson last year. With his excellent portraits of rural slovenian life in the 70s, we would like to continue with his presentation started last year. He has prepared photos rare seen and published. 
Boris Gaberščik is as Kerbler master of B&W printing. All his photographs are made with a large- or medium-format camera on baryth paper by the author himself. He is going to present the recent work.
Beside Uroš Abram also Angelika Sher and Matej Andraž Vogrinčič are representative of younger generation.
Sher's usually large format photos are always timeless despite all the genre details present at her color »studio« photos and in her narrations she manages to get the observer stucked in a second of time with the very archetypal questions.
Matej Andraž Vogrinčič has been creating site-specific work in urban and natural environments since the early 1990s and built an international reputation by creating installations specific to local places, traditions, and histories – filling the most ordinary or neglected places with even more ordinary objects. Vogrinčič starts with the space but always leaves room to alter the idea in the process. His projects rely on a direct connection with the local community. Fine art photographs are always documenting the short time existing installations.