Roger Ballen: Boarding House

24 March - 30 April 2009

Ballen, who is known for his critically acclaimed publications Drops, Small Towns of South Africa; Platteland, Images from Rural South Africa; Outland and Shadow Chamber, has recently finished a new book called Boarding House, published by Phaidon Press, March 2009.


Roger Ballen’s photographs are like images from a waking dream: compelling and thought-provoking, with layers of rich details, flashes of dark humor, and an altered sense of place. Blurring the boundaries between documentary photography and art, his work is both a powerful social statement and a complex psychological study.


Boarding House by Roger Ballen, a new collection of photographs by the South African photographer, is howcasing over 70 black and white images, mostly unpublished. This is Ballen’s most formally sophisticated work to date. An introductory essay by photography curator David Travis is looking at these images in the wider context of Ballen’s career.