Krešimir Golubić - Leon GSK: Punk's Not Dead

4 September - 3 October 2020

On Friday, 4. 9., you are kindly invited to join us at the exhibition opening of Croatian graffiti artist Krešimir Golubić - Leon GSK.
The exhibition project is organised in collaboration with TAM-TAM Street gallery and Urbana Vrana.
17.00, the opening will begin at TAM-TAM Street gallery on Vegova street, where the artist will create three works in front of the audiance, which will be on view until 5.10.. After the graffiti performance at 18.00, a guided tour of Golubić's works will follow in Galerija Fotografija Gallery.
On Saturday, 5. 9. and Sunday, 6. 9. at 11.00, Leon GSK will also offer exclusive street art tours of Ljubljana, which you can apply for on the website


The exhibition of graffiti images which presents some main characters of the punk scene, reworked from different photographs by the artist Krešimir Golubić, is organised in collaboration of TamTam Street Gallery, Galerija Fotografija and Urbane vrane. The project, scheduled for the beginning of April but postponed at first due to the quarantine,  is now, surprisingly, even more current than a few months ago, with its transference of historic punk figures into our time. It offers a comparison of today’s society with the turbulent moment in history, and begs the question, how will today’s youth respond to current political events? The same way it did in the seventies, starting a new punk movement, or will it choose another path?


Krešimir Golubić is convinced that Punk’s not Dead is still in action.

And we agree.


Caption: Krešimir Golubić - Leon GSK / photographer: Tone Stojko (Brane Bitenc, singer of the group Otroci socializma, november 1982, Zagreb). Collection of National Museum of Contemporary History.



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