Matjaž Krivic: Silent Spaces

17 June - 31 July 2004

Matjaž Krivic, born on the 12th of January in 1972, started discovering the joy of travelling when he was only 16 years old, and has seen a good part of the world by now. In all these years of travelling, he has used his camera to record images of areas which are socially impoverished, but rich in tradition and the mysteriousness of their religions. It is a picturesque, faultless part of the world. His photographs very sensibly reflect the beauty and inviolability of a world of the marginal and neglected. Owing to the author’s straightforwardness and respect for individuals, the people in his photographs are spontaneous, natural and unreserved. The panoramas pull you in with their incredible colour and exotic motifs, and make you stop and stare, forgetting where you are.