Andreas H. Bitesnich

Andreas H. Bitesnich

Since the appearance of his classic book NUDES in 1998, Andreas H. Bitesnich has firmly established himself (through further works such as ‘On Form‘ and ‘More Nudes’), as Europe’s foremost photographer of the male and female form. Even a quick glance at his career shows, however, that Bitesnich is not content at mastering a single genre, and is now as well-known and respected for his unique approach to travel and street photography, seen through his ‘Deeper Shades’ city series, and, most obviously through his seminal work ‘India’.

Solo exhibitions (selection)


Momentum, Galerie Arnaud Rogez, Brussels, Belgium. December 2018 – February 2019.

ANDREAS H. BITESNICH, Camera Work Gallery, Berlin, Germany. September-October.

Nudes, Travel Gallery, Liège, Belgium. February-April.

DEEPER SHADES, TZR Galerie exhibition space, as part of the Düsseldorf Photo Weekend Germany. February.


WINTER DIARY, Photobastei, Zurich, Switzerland January-February.


PORTRETI / PORTRAITS, Galerija Fotografija, Ljubljana, Slovenia September-October.


MUTTI, Lomography Embassy Vienna. October.

PARIS / 25 YEARS, Preiss Fine Arts Vienna Austria. June-September.

TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF PHOTOGRAPHY, Kunst Haus Vienna Austria. February-June.

PLACES & SPACES, The Empty Quarter Gallery Dubai United Arab Emirates. November-December.

DEEPER SHADES NYC-TOKYO, TokyoArts Gallery Tokyo Japan. May.

STUDIO NUDES, TokyoArts Gallery Tokyo Japan. April-May.

DEEPER SHADES NYC-TOKYO, Eyeloco Gallery Antwerp Belgium. March-May.

DEEPER SHADES NYC-TOKYO, Photographerslimitededitions Gallery Vienna Austria. January-February.

MORE NUDES, Galerija Fotografija Ljubljana Slovenia. September-November.

DEEPER SHADES NEW YORK, Fernwaerme Vienna Austria. May-July.

DEEPER SHADES NEW YORK, Leica Gallery Prague Czech Republic. March-April.

CLASSIC NUDES, Rheingalerie Bonn Germany. March-May.

DEEPER SHADES NEW YORK, Photography Monika Mohr Gallery Hamburg Germany. November-February 2012.

CLASSICS & INDIA, Photographerslimitededitions Gallery Vienna Austria. November.

EROTIC, Photographerslimitededitions Gallery Vienna Austria. December-January 2011.

CLASSICS, Leica Gallery Salzburg Austria. November-January 2011.

ANDREAS H. BITESNICH PHOTOGRAPHY, Stadtgalerie Klagenfurt Austria. February-May.

MORE NUDES, Fotomuseum Westlicht Vienna Austria. October-January 2009.

CLASSICS, Arque Chiado Gallery Lisbon Portugal. November-December.

TRAVEL, Photography Monika Mohr Gallery Hamburg Germany. November-February 2008.

SKIN & STONE, Young Gallery Brussels Belgium. May-July.

TENSION, Apropos Cöln Gallery Cologne Germany. September-November.

ON FORM, Modernbook Gallery Palo Alto USA. July-September.

ANDREAS H. BITESNICH PHOTOGRAPHY, Kunst Haus Vienna Austria. February-May.

ANDREAS H. BITESNICH PHOTOGRAPHY., Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe Hamburg Germany. December-January 2004.

TENSION, Photography Monika Mohr Gallery Hamburg Germany. April-May.

TENSION, Young Gallery Brussels Belgium. February-March.

TENSION, Modernbook Gallery 494 Palo Alto USA. June-July.

TENSION, Modernbook Gallery 1060 Los Angeles USA. April-May

Group exhibitions (selection)

THE YEAR IN REFLECTION, The Empty Quarter Gallery Dubai United Arab Emirates. June-July

DEEPER SHADES NYC-TOKYO, FotoArtFestival Bielsko-Biala Poland. October.

UNCOVERED, Photographerslimitededitions Gallery Vienna Austria. June-July.

SIEH! MAL AN!, Photography Monika Mohr Gallery Hamburg Germany. June-September.

!WE LOVE BLACK AND WHITE!, Photography Monika Mohr Gallery Hamburg Germany. June-November

DER MENSCHLICHE KOERPER, H17 Gallery Vienna Austria. March-April.

THE BODY EXPOSED IN FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY, ArteF Fine Art Photography Gallery Zurich Switzerland. August-September.

NUDES, Photography Monika Mohr Galerie Hamburg Germany. June-September.

FOCUS : FACES, Photography Monika Mohr Galerie Hamburg Germany. February-April.

VORN (Searching for Fashion in Vorn), Viaux Gallery for Fashion Photography Hamburg Germany. January-February.

PALO ALTO, Modernbook Gallery Palo Alto USA. November-December.

MY PARENTS, Unit F / Klaus Engelhorn Galerie Vienna Austria. March-April.

MY PARENTS, Kunsthaus Hamburg Germany. July-August.

THE MUSES, Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation New York USA. September-October.

MAXIMUM (Dedicated to Helmut Newton), Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg Germany. September.

PHOTOGRAPHIEN, Galerie Würthle Vienna Austria