The artbook Trubarjeva, Expressions of A Street in Transition, offers an intimate and anecdotal look at Trubarjeva street and the special life that has grown out of it over the decades, even centuries. The authors explore this unique street in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana through different artistic approaches and practices – through writing, photography, architectural sketches, collage, and graphic design. An array of people’s stories as well as other verbal and visual testimonials are all interwoven to create this thoughtful and compelling – and visually flamboyant – publication.

Publisher: APIS Institute 

Texts: Jeff Bickert

Archi-sketches: Blaž Budja

Concept and portrait photography: Manca Juvan

Graphic Collages & Design: Sava Kosmač 



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Weight 400 g
Dimensions 145 × 20 × 195 mm