Dick Skinners


Tadej Vaukman

Published by Rostfreipublishing, 2015



Dick Skinners

Photographer’s Tadej Vaukman new book chronicles his life that unfold in the last seven years, with some literal “highs” and lows.

Dick Skinners is a new book from Tadej Vaukman, a very vulgar photographer who is all about street and real. Book chronicles the last seven years of his life, and is somehow a reminder for some things not to be done again, jet on the other hand a good indicator of what made him as a person and as an artist.
Katja Horvat

Photographs by Tadej Vaukman
Size: 16,7 × 22 cm, 224 pages
Binding: Hardcover

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Weight 730 g
Dimensions 20 × 167 × 220 mm