Nokturno – Special edition


Andrej Lamut

Published by The Angry Bat, 2017



Nokturno – Special edition

“The series arose from an experience I had while camping in the middle of the forest. One night I went for a walk in complete darkness, only carrying a speedlight which I fired repeatedly to see where I was going. After the sharp flash revealed the forest for a brief split-second, I started perceiving my surroundings as a series of still pictures. The impression remained in my brain in the form of latent images. I was feeling as if I was walking through photographs! The next evening, I went for a walk again, this time with a speedlight, a camera and the mission to capture this experience on photographic film. I perceived the dark, nonvisible forest as an empty canvas to which I applied light, illuminating different forms and structures of the bushes, branches and trees. After working in such manner it became very obvious to me that I’m not taking a photo by a single release of the shutter, but by multiple gestures of applying and shaping light. I asked myself “what sort of other gestures could I make?” and from there on I focused my research into the process of making a photograph. ”
Andrej Lamut


Special edition of the book in a wooden box that also functions as a frame for hanging the edition on the wall. The print is a handmade silver gelatin print. Book numbers 1-20.

Language: English
Size: 29 x 22 cm, 80 pages
Binding: Hardcover, laser engraved cardboard

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Weight 1654 g
Dimensions 40 × 220 × 230 mm