Nataša Segulin

Texts: Renata Štebih, Andrej Medved
Editors: Barbara Čeferin, Nataša Segulin
Translations: Hana Čeferin
Texts edited by: Nina Petek
Design: Tomato Košir
Sponsors: Luka Koper, Adriatic Slovenica, Pejo d.o.o.
Print: Florjančič tisk

The story is simple. We follow the protagonist, natural light, in three chapters, as it slowly unveils and deglamourizes. In the first chapter, protruding slants of light are unravelling miniscule details and creating mystical, dream-like images. We could be anywhere. Then, Lumen takes us into the tangible, but is entirely subordinate to geometry. Only in the third chapter is the exhausted body of a former maternity hospital illuminated, the walls stripped off to recognition. It is unforgiving, unmasking the misery, but bringing hope, light and warmth at the same time.

– Renata Štebih


Publisher: Galerija Fotografija





Language: Slovenian, English
Size: 28,5 x 28,7 cm, 95 pages
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Galerija Fotografija, 2019

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