Die Lipizzaner


Žnidaršič Joco

Published by Veduta, 2004



Die Lipizzaner

A Veduta’s contribution to the establishment of Slovene identity in view of joining the European Union. After several years of visits to the studfarm Lipica, the admiring author with a good eye for breeding and dressage pays homage to the Lipizzaners with an insight into these magnificent horses in their natural and historic cradle.

Photographs by Joco Žnidaršič
Foreword by mag. Janez Rus
Text by Željko Kozinc
Designed by Miljenko Licul
Language: German
Size: 30,7 x 24,7 cm, 192 pages
Binding: hardcover

Additional information

Weight 1600 g
Dimensions 23 × 247 × 307 mm