Davor Konjikušić: Our House  

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Davor Konjikušić: Our House  

Photobook launch!

 Davor Konjikušić: Our House

 Monday, 16 December at 6pm

 Fotografija Gallery, Ljubljana


You are kindly invited to attend launch of the photobook Our House and talk by its author Davor Konjikušić, on Monday, 16 December at 6pm at Fotografija Gallery in Ljubljana. Beside Konjikušić the book will be presented by main editor Jelena Pešić, curator and publicist Miha Colner, and artist and photographer Jaka Babnik. The book confronts photographic materials and written diaries which create strong emotional and artistic vision of the world. It is the first artist book by this acclaimed Zagreb-based artist and photographer and it was released by Office for Photography from Zagreb.


The conversation will be held in Slovenian and Croatian language!


“The diaries that I have been collecting in a form of texts and images in the past seven years have been transformed in the artist book entitled Our House where, for the first time, I use images that are completely distanced from classic photographic representation. Just like our thoughts, the images are fragmented but at the same time they, together with short texts that I find to be entirely equal element to photographs, form an entity where a viewer or a reader can find his or her own meanings and motifs. However, the text is not merely accompanying element or supplement of the photographs but it challenges them, questions their meaning and raises doubt over the attributed interpretations. In such way I have tended to establish completely new narratives.” Davor Konjikušić


Davor Konjikušić (1979) holds BA degree in cinematography and MA degree in photography from the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. In his work he uses photography as a primary medium in articulating his artistic concepts, in which he explores the relationships between public and private, intimate and socio-political. He is also interested in the role of photography in establishing the relations of power and control.