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Sleepy places

Summer, let’s say amusement, relax, fun. Summer, just this word itself evokes in our minds a wide range of clichés: over-crowded beaches, funfairs, loud music. But in the end what happens when  the autumnal curtain is drawn over these places?
The crowds of vacationers disappear, the lights are switched off and everything sinks into silent oblivion. Another world surfaces and reveals its existence. It is a sleepy world, which is waiting for the timely signal of the end of the hibernation, the awakening to both new and returning life.
The ritual is repeated year after year. Roaming around these ghost villages and walking in this almost unreal quiet, gives you the impression that you are disturbing the sleep of these inanimate objects. Among them, the human presence does not exist any longer, just in the memory covered by dust and sand.
In this apparent desolation, a light glow is already enough in itself to remind us that everything is ready to resume life again with the first warm rays of the sun.
It is not yet the time.
Eyelids close again in the darkness, as the slide in the WaterPark, still in brilliant blue, dreams of the water splashes to come in the next Summer.


All photographs:

17,5×35 cm
archival digital pigment print
edition 7

50×100 cm
archival digital print on dibond
edition 3


About the author

Euro Rotelli was born in Tuscany in 1955, although his family moved to Friuli when he was still a child. He always felt a strong inner desire to communicate his feelings, and after experimenting with painting, he later discovers photography. This sees the birth and development of a passion which brings him to the point of not only making photography his daily work, but also of expressing himself artistically through this medium. He has also dedicated himself to research of new techniques and approaches. He is enthralled by both landscapes and the people he portrays in black and white, while carrying out his own personal experiments in the darkroom. His discovery of Polaroid enables him to achieve the means to fully express his way of `feeling´ and `interpreting´ reality as he sees it. This procedure, in fact, allows him to intervene and work upon the picture’s surface manually, with results that are always different and original. His research brings him to use different films and materials, to experiment with techniques such as Transfer, Emulsion Lift, Manipulations, Painting and Collage, and inventing and perfecting personal proceedings that enable him to transform the objective reality into an intimate personal language. Sensitive to human form and its expression he portrays personalities and artists. He delves into and immortalizes cities, urban landscapes and the countryside.
His photographs are included in many public and private collections and galleries in Italy and worldwide.

Euro Rotelli is represented by Galerija Fotografija, Mestni trg 11, Ljubljana (www.galerijafotografija). For any additional information or purchase please contact gallery (00386 41 664 357 or