Kölner Strassen


Marron Peter

Published by Zettabyte, 2014



Kölner Strassen

“Kölner Straßen is an elegantly composed record of the artist’s intimate encounters with the fabric of everyday on the streets of Cologne. The streets, celebrated in the title as well as in the captions of individual photographs, take center stage of this project, evoking a long tradition of street photography and endorsing its enduring potential to furnish fresh and engaging ways for experiencing city life”.
– Jelena Stojkovic

Peter Marron (b.1968) was born in Cornwall, England. His primary interest is documentary and vernacular photography – particularly exploring these genres as a means of documenting ‘the city’. He lives in London.

Language: English
Design: Duncan Whyte
Size : 23 x 23 cm, 132 pages, 60 colour illustrations
Binding: hardcover

With an essay by Jelena Stojkovic.

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Weight 680 g
Dimensions 230 × 18 × 230 mm