“Aspects of Slovenian Photography”

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“Aspects of Slovenian Photography”

Boris Gaberščik, Danica Kus, Tihomir Pinter, Boštjan Pucelj, Jane Štravs, Metka Vergnion

22 May – 16 June 2013
Festival Photomed 2013, Sanary-sur-Mer, France


In 2011 Photomed presented the work of photojournalist Manca Juvan un Ordinary Lives on Afghanistan. It became apparent that the French public did not know the work of photographers from Slovenia and the Adriatic region in general. This year Photomed presents a selection of photographic creativity since 1965. This exhibition aims to show certain aspects of that production centering around urban landscape, man-made objects and architecture in general. Through the work of six contemporary photographers the visitor questions and reflects on modern man’s relationship with the changes in our environment, the influence materials such as cast iron, steel and concrete have had on the landscape and which have become so much a part of our lives. In Tihomir Pinter’s ironwork photographs, created between 1965 and 1990, he reveals a love of detail and a passionate quest for beauty in harmonious compositions. He recreates a golden mean, the careful relation between light tones, structures, the rhythm and examination of form which are similar to the poetics of the photographers of the 1930s. Boris Gaberšcik is one of the few Slovenian art photographers who have dedicated themselves to still lifes. He is fascinated with the effects objects have on one another,
emanating peace and quiet, perfectly still, engrossed or caught up in the mysterious power of forms. In over twenty-five years of work he has developed a clear, systematically elaborate visual language, The photographer addresses them like an architect, a constructor of forms, a creator of space. Many of these objects played an important role in his life and hold special memories, they are almost archetypal, leading us into the artist’s markedly poetic and intimate interior space. (Sarival Sosic)
Jane Štravs creates an unusual photographic «Road Movie». The camera turns North America into a continent of images, enviably expressive views created by the camera and our imagination in an interpretation of the urban expanse which has fed our collective imagination since the 1960s. The author’s encounter with North America and the Californian climate is a ménage à trois between Štravs, photography and film, Modern society is driven by consumerism to achieve comfort. Boštjan Pucelj’s series «Missing in Action» depicts the victims of this society – shopping trolleys – as strays, away
from their primary habitat, like modern refugees forced to leave their home. Agitated by the ecological impact of his discoveries Pucelj playfully applies the principal of documentary photography, portraying the suicidal nature of these «victims» of consumer warfare. In «The Spritual Garden» Metka Vergnion walks through a metaphysical Japanese garden to find comfort in peaceful contemplation, picturing her sensations, possessed by the vibrations of light and losing track of time confronted with such beauty in its frugal complexity. Danica Kus view of modern architecture reveals an ability to transform or translate a structured visual language, leaving the viewer questioning the reality of what he/she sees. In her photographs of the quarries of Carrara silhouettes appear, in her stairwells passing figures seem to intrude, seeming alien almost insignificant. She says of her work:
«My inspiration derives from contradictions, rhythm, darkness, light, structures, material,… I try
to explore the symbolic meaning of constructed forms and create a spatial ambiguity, an imaginary space».

Simon Edwards

Many thanks for the help in the organization of the exhibition to the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia Paris and Avtohiši Malgaj.