Stojan Kerbler

Born at Ptujska Gora 1938. In 1969 first time proclaimed best exhibitor in Slovenia and in 1970 the best exhibitor in Yugoslavia ( A FIAP). In 1971 awarded with Golden Bird Award for the exhibiton Portraits from the Streets of Ptuj.In 1977 the People of Haloze series was exhibited in the gallery of Eastman Kodak Company. In 1980 he received the FIAP Gold Medal for the exhibition in Landerneau, France. In 1982 the Photographic Museum of Charleroi included 15 of his photographs into its collection. 2001 the slovenian daily, Delo, names him one of the top ten Slovene photographers of the 20th century.
 Stojan Kerbler has received a total of 500 awards and prizes of which 120 at international exhibitions. His works have been presented at more then 100 solo exhibitions in Slovenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Soviet Union, Spain, USA and Yugoslavia. From 1960 to 2003 Stojan Kerbler took part in 1270 exhibitions of which 600 were organised at 128 different venues in the former Yugoslavia and 670 were international exhibitions hosted by 52 countries worldwide.
Major Exhibitions
•Student village Hall, Ljubljana (Hojnik, Kerbler, Žnidaršič), Slovenia, YU
•Exhibition Pavilion Dušan Kveder, Ptuj (Dobljekar, Kerbler), Slovenia, YU
•Photo Salon, Belgrade (Kerbler, Smerke, Žnidaršič), Serbia, YU
•Cultural workers club Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria
•Muselimov Konak, Valjevo (Četković, Kerbler, Radanović, Tošić), Serbia, YU
•City Hall Gallery, Kranj, Slovenia, YU
•Gallery of Art Photography, Zagreb (Četković, Debeljaković, Golob, Kerbler, Koman, Tošić), Croatia, YU
•Exhibition Pavilion Dušan Kveder, Ptuj, Slovenia, YU
•Ljubljana City Gallery, Slovenia, YU
•Bergen Community Museum, New Jersey, Paramus, USA
•Salonie KAW; Szczecin, Poland
•Galerii Fotografii STF/ZPAF, Nowy Sacz, Poland
•University Center Gallery, Stockton, California, USA
•Fuller-d’Albert photographic gallery, Fairfax, Virginia, USA
•Photo Salon, Beograd, Serbia, YU
•Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, USA
•Dom boraca i omladine NOR, Kumrovec, Croatia, YU
•Galerie Panther PAssage, Linz/Donau, Austria
•Karmeliterkirche, Weissenburg, Germany
•Art Pavillion Slovenj gradec, Slovenia, YU
•Fotogalerie Szene, Osnabruck, Germany
•Razstavni paviljon Dušan Kveder, Ptuj, Slovenia, YU
•Brdovec Museum, Zagreb, Croatia, YU
•Exhibition Pavilion Avla, Maribor, Slovenia, YU
•Gallery San Sebastian, Spain
•Gallery of Photo Club Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia, YU
•Exhibition Hall Atrij, Ljubljana, Slovenia, YU
•Fotosalon Maribor, Slovenia, YU
•Gallery Čačak, Croatia, YU
•Exhibition Salon Rotovž, Maribor, Slovenia, YU
•Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia, YU
•Photo Gallery Triglav, Koper, Slovenia, YU
•Salon of Photography, Beograd, YU
•Gallery Plovdiv, Bulgaria
•Photo Gallery Kaunas, Lithuania, Soviet Union
•Museum of Photography Šiauliai, Lithuania, Soviet Union
•Mansion of Art Exhibition, Ponegežic, Soviet Union
•Gallery 77, Niš, YU
•Photo Gallery Novi Sad, YU
•Exhibition Pavilion Dušan Kveder, Ptuj, Slovenia, YU
•Art Gallery Velimir A. Leković, Bar, Montenegro, YU
•Miklova hiša Gallery, Ribnica, SI
•Mihelič Gallery, Ptuj, SI
•Grohar Gallery, Škofja Loka, SI
•Office building of BTC, Ljubljana, SI
•Pavelhaus Gallery, Laafeld, Radkersburg, AT
•Obmejni prostori: Portraits of Inge Morath (with Inge Morath in Branko Lenart),
•Kunstlerhaus, Graz, AT
•Nationa Gallery Ljubljana, SI
•Obmejni prostori, Leica Gallery, New York, USA
•Obmejni prostori, Leica Gallery, Tokyo, JP
•Obmejni prostori, Gallerie Westlicht, Wien, AT
•Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, SI
•Old Glass house, Ptuj (with Dušan Fišer), SI
•Berliner Kunst salon, Arena Berlin, Slovenian place (with Jernej Forbici and Marika Vicari), Berlin, DE
•Zlati Ajngel Gallery, Varaždin, HR
•Permanent exhibition, Tourist Office Ptujska Gora, Ptujska Gora, SI
•Ivan Potrč Library, Ptuj, SI
•Maribor Art Gallery, Maribor, SI
•Jožef Štefan Institute Gallery, Ljubljana, SI
•Galerija Prešernovih nagrajencev Kranj, Kranj, SI
•The Gallery of Fine Arts Slovenj Gradec, Slovenj Gradec, SI
•Cro Art Photo Club, Zagreb, HR
•Dom na Bukovju, Števerjan, SI
•Magistrat Gallery, Municipality of Ptuj, Ptuj, SI
•Paris Photo, Carousell du Louvre, FR; Galerija Fotografija gallery
•Paris Photo, Grand Palais, FR; Galerija Fotografija gallery
•Musikafe, Ptuj, SI
•FO.VI Gallery, Strnišče, SI
•”Zlati ajngel” Gallery, Varaždin, HR
•FotoFever Brussels, BE; Galerija Fotografija Gallery
Major Awards and Recognitions
•Award at VII. Europeische Akademische Photoausstellung, Vienna, Austria
•Award at the III. Salon international de arte fotografica, Bucharest, Romunia
•Golden medal at III. Singapore International Student Salon of Photography, Singapur
•First Award at the XX. Salon Fotografico Balneario de Panticosa, Balneario de Panticosa, Spain
•Award at the Salon Europeen de Photographie d’Art de Calais, Calais, France
•1st Prize at the 24. Salon International de Art Fotografico, Buenos Aires, Argentina
•Gold Medal at the VII. Bienal International de Arte Fotografico de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal
•1st Prize at the Biennale de la Photographie International, Montes de la Jolie, France
•Zlata ptica Award for the Exhibition Portreti s ptujskih ulic (Portraits from Ptuj’s Streets)
•Gold Medal of Abrašević
•Gold medal at the 5th E.A. International Salon of Photography, Hong Kong
•Titular Master of Photography by the Photographic Association of Yugoslavia
•Gold medal at the 18. oktobrski salon fotografske umetnosti FK Beograd, Beograd, YU
•Titular E FIAP by the International Organization of Photographic Arts FIAP
•1st Prize at the Central Washington 17. International Exhibition of Photography, Yakima, USA
•1st Prize at the international call for artists Pentacon-ORWO, Berlin, German Democratic Republic
•Award Fotomundi Your Manifestation, Einfhoven, The Netherlands
•Award V. Trofeo Inetrnazionale Toro Assicureiro, Torino, Italy
•Special Award at the 39th Salon International de Arte Fotografico, Santiago, Chile
•Order of Merit with Silver Star
•Gold Medal at the 2th Salon International Marigname, France
•Medal of the City of Ptuj, Slovenia
•Gold Medal Boris Kidrič, Slovenia
•Award at the 5th Salon Mondial, Virton, Belgium
•Award at the City on the Duisburger International Foto Ausstellung, Duisburg, Federal Republic of Germany
•Special Award at Northwest International Exhibition of Photography, Puyallup, Washington, USA
•Gold Medal at 75. Jahre Kamera klub Linz, Linz, Austria
•Prešeren Award (the most important national award for culture of Republic of Slovenia) for the Haložani Series
•1st Prize: 7. trikotni fotografski natečaj, Gorizia, Italy
•1st Prize at the VIII. Trofeo Guipuzcoa International, San Sebastian, Spain
•Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of the 80th anniversary of Footo Club Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
•Gold medal at the International Photographic Exhibition-Vigex I, Geelong, Avstralia
•Gold medal at the 3rd Salon International Landernau, France
•Gold medal at the International Exhibition-Oregon State Fair, Oregon, USA
•1st Prize at the 21. Zagreb Salon, Zagreb
•1st Prize at the 29. October Salon of the Photo Club Beograd, Beograd
•1st Prize at the 18. Salon International d’Art Photographique, Reims, France
•1st Prize: OKO našeg vremena, Zagreb, HR
•1st Prize for the Collection at Selo Exhibition, Prislonica, Čačak, HR
•Valvasor’s acknowledgement for pioneer work on systematic collecting of photographic records and as the initiator of in-depth survey of Slovenian photography
•Ažbe’ plaquette for the long-term, systematic research and establishing a unique archive on the subject of slovenian photography
•Gold medal of The City of Ptuj for achievements in photography
•Janez Puhar Award for outstanding achievements in photography
•Portrait 2005, Photo Club Ljubljana, National Gallery, Photographic Exhibition, Ljubljana, may 2005, 1st Prize
•Gold Medal of the Association of Cultural Societies of Slovenia for international excellence in photography
•Honorary Member of city Ptuj, Lifetime Achievement Award for Photography
•Gold Medal by the Association of Cultural Societies of Slovenia for international excellence in photograph
•Honorary Member of city Ptuj, Lifetime Achievement Award for Photography
•Awarded by the President of the Republic of Slovenia for the top achievements in fine art photography
Public Collections
•Museum of Modern art Ljubljana, Ljubljana, SI
•Cabinet of Slovenian Photography, Kranj, SI
•Museum of Architecture, Ljubljana, SI
•Regional Museum Ptuj, Ptuj, SI
•Dolenjski Museum Novo Mesto, Novo Mesto, SI
•Maribor Art Gallery, Maribor, SI
•Photo Gallery of the city of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia
•Photo Union Yugoslavia , Beograd, Serbia
•Collection of the Photo Club Natron Maglaj, Maglaj, BiH
•Museum Doboj, Doboj, BiH
•Vista21-Center for Photography Novo Mesto, Novo Mesto, SI
•Collection of the International Association for Photographic Art FIAP, Gent, Belgium
•Collection of the American Association for Photographic Art PSA, Darien, USA
•Collection Willy Hengle, Linz, Austria
•Collection of the Photo Club Virton, Virton, Belgium
•Photographic Museum, Charleroi, Belgium
•Collection of the Photographic Association, Warsaw, Poland
•Historical Collection FIAP, Reims, France
•French Photographic Museum, Paris, France
•Collection Henry A. Shull, USA
•Collection William Messer, USA
•Museum of Contemporary Art, Beograd, Serbia
•Collection of the Photo Club Maribor, Maribor, SI
•Art Collection Talum, Kidričevo, SI
•Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts, Slovenj Gradec, SI
•Photographic Collection of International Authors, Bracci Gianni, Bagnaca vallo (RA), Italy
•Art Collection Tenzor, Ptuj, SI
•Art Collection of Savin Salon, Žalec, SI
Stojan Kerbler’s photographs are also part of numerous private collections in Slovenia and abroad.
•Member of the Designers Society of Slovenia, Ljubljana
•Member of The Cabinet of Slovenian Photography, Kranj
•Honorary Member Photo Club Maribor, Maribor
•Honorary Member Photo Club Natron, Maglaj
•Honorary Member of the Comitee of Amateur Photography Union of Marocco, MA
•Honorary Member Galerie Panther Passag, Linz, AT
•Honorary Member Photo Group ŠOLT-Ljubljana, Ljubljana, SI
•Honorary Member Hengel-Kabinette Traun, AT
•Honorary Member Photo Club Janez Puhar, Kranj, SI