Walter Carone

learned photography at his father’s studio. His father moved from Italy to Cannes, France, where he opened a photographic studio for weddings, confirmations and other festive occasions.
In 1945 Carone moved to Paris, equiped only with a photographic camera and some films. He started his photographic career by working for different magazines (Ciné-vie, Elle, France-Dimanche, Point de vue), but succeded only when he started his work at Paris Match, that was first published in 1949. It is important to tell that Paris Match from that peroid had very little in common with today’s yellow pages magazine with the same name. His motto was Le poids des mots, le choc des photos (the weight of words and the shock of the pictures) and before the expansion of television his photo reportages were the only source of current events. Walter Carone made approximally 200 reportages per year. At the magazine he begun as a photo reporter, later the editor of photography and finished as the assistan chief editor.
At the end of the 60’s he wanted to share his talent and knowledge with fans of photography. He firsty founded the magazine Photo, and later Photo Journal. He is also the author of various books for photo-amateurs.