1. Simone Sassen:Tumbe

    Simone Sassen: Tumbas Simone Sassen is a photographer whose photos, taken mostly on her trips, have been exhibited both in her home country (The Netherlands) and elsewhere (Germany, Spain, etc.). Among other things, her photos illustrate the books written by her husband, Cees Nooteboom, acclaimed Dutch author and another guest of this year’s Fabula festival.Together, […]

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  2. Bojan Brecelj: Water Dragon of Venice

    We kindly invite you also to the second part of the exhibition at the
    Italian cultural institute in Slovenia
    26. 1 – 20. 2. 2016

    Bojan Brecelj: Water Dragon of Venice
    Marko Pogačnik: The sound of basilica San Giorgio Maggiore and other venetian drawings

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