Kusterle Roberto

Roberto Kusterle was born in Gorizia.

At the end of the 80’s, his interest in photography begins, focusing in a research of the human representation in connection with nature around it.

The images of the themes tackled tell us about a unique time where separations between dreams, reality, Men and animal melt down and uprise into a form of tight cohabitation thus transforming vital energy into ethic tension.

Roberto Kusterle has been a specialist in History and Critic of Photography for more than thirty years. He teaches History and Technic of Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice and part of the Scientific Committe of the Alinari Museum of Florance and of the CRAF of Spilimbergo. He collaborates with many Galleries and has published various works, also as a photographer with national and international editors. He lives and works between Pordenone and Venice.