Gaberščik Boris

Born in Ljubljana in 1957. He graduated on department of biology, University of Ljubljana. He is working as a freelance photographer since 1986. Since 1985 he had many solo exhibitions in Ljubljana (Gallery Equrna, Museum of modern Art), Graz (Orpheum), Salzburg (Gallery Fotohof), Trieste (Studio Phi), Paris (VU’) and many group exhibitions in Budapest, Zagreb, Ruzomberok, Trieste, Ljubljana, Beograd, Graz, Nicosia, Buenos Aires; Bratislava (Month of Photography)… He recived many awards and his works are included in many museum and private collections.

The objects in the photographs of Boris Gaberščik paradoxically dodge a documentary presentation, the explicitness of the photographic devices and are evidently interpreted.
 Conspicuously set in the foreground of the picture plane they are part of the inner space and not a scene shot outdoors; at the same time they are isolated while the picture of the interior is not delineated. On the contrary, the objects are presented outside the cognitive perception of the ilusionist depth and although Gaberščik clearly places, arranges, and assembles them, the picture of the interior is slipping out of field of perception…

Sergej Kapus / art critic