1. Art Paris Art Fair

    Art Paris Art Fair 28 March – 1 April 2013 Grand Palais, Paris Artists represented: Jane Štravs, Roberto Kusterle, Matej Andraž Vogrinčič Roberto Kusterle will present his newest series of black-white photos The Marks of Metembiosis (2012). Kusterle is interested in the representation of people in connection with the nature around us. The images he […]

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  2. Vogrinčič Matej Andraž

    Matej Andraž Vogrinčič was born on October 12th 1970 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He has been creating site-specific work in urban and natural environments since the early 1990s. He has built an international reputation by creating installations specific to local places, traditions, and histories – filling the most ordinary or neglected places with even more ordinary […]

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  3. Vlachy Janez

    “The nakedness on his images is not an ultimate goal for Vlachy, but a means of communication, an integral part of the image, often a symbol of vulnerability. They reflect the psychological and social atmosphere of the present time – the beginning of the third millenium, with rather confused scale of values. His images represent […]

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  4. Verlak Tanja

    Tanja Verlak (b. 1979) Solo exhibition 2009 »Na želje drugega raćunaj po sebi«,Muzikafe gallery, Ptuj, SI 2007 »PROVERBS«, Stolp Gallery, Maribor, SI 2006 »PROVERBS«, Fotopub, Novo mesto, SI Festival of Poesy and Wine, Medana, Slovenia »Fotografije 1999 2004 photographs«, Photon, Ljubljana, SI 2005 »Fotografije 1999 2004 photographs«, Gallery Velryba, Prague, CZ Selected exhibitions and prizes […]

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  5. Vergnion Metka

    Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Studied photography and cinematography at Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière. Lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 1980 Galerie Espace photographique – Paris, France 1982 Centre William Rappard-GATT – Genève, Switzerland 1983 Klub kulturnih in znanstvenih delavcev – Slovenia Gallery 97 – Hong Kong 1984 Gallery 97 – Hong […]

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  6. Štravs Jane

    Jane Štravs, 1965 born in Ljubljana. In 2003 a monograph about his work was published by the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Arts; the essays were written by Marina Gržinić and W.J.T.Mitchell. His works are part of numerous public and private collections. Lives and works as a freelance photographer in […]

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  7. Sluban Klavdij

    Winner of the European Publishers Award for Photography 2009, of the Leica Prize (2004) and of the Niépce Prize, main French prize in photography, (2000), Klavdij Sluban is a French photographer of Slovenian origin born in Paris on 3.3.1963. He develops a rigorous and coherent body of work, never inspired by immediate and sensational current […]

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  8. Sher Angelika

    Born 1969 Vilnius, Lithuania (USSR). Lives and works in Israel. EDUCATION 1991-1995 BA in Radiography, Bar Ilan University, Israel 2002-2005 College of Photography, Kiryat Ono, Israel 2007-2008 Special Program, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem PLANNED EXHIBITIONS September 2012 „Twilight sleep“, Camera 16 Gallery, Milan, Italy „Femme Fatale“, special project with Gesher Theater and […]

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  9. Rotelli Euro

    Euro Rotelli was born in Tuscany in 1955, although his family moved to Friuli when he was still a child. He always feels a strong inner desire to communicate his feelings, and after first experimenting with painting, he later discovers photography. This sees the birth and development of a passion which brings him to the […]

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  10. Riboud Marc

    Marc Riboud (b. 1923 in France) took his first photograph at the age of 14 when his father gave him a Kodak Vest-Pocket camera as a present. Afterwards, this young mechanical engineer working in a factory in Lyon was so affected after a single week of photographing the festival of Lyon, that he abandoned work […]

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  11. Radovič Bojan

    Biography 1960 Born in Novo mesto, Slovenia 1979 Co-founder of the “Pri Slonu” photo gallery in Novo mesto (Jovo Grobovšek, Saša Fuis) 1984 Co-founder and manager of the “Fotogalerija” gallery in Novo mesto (Danijel Brezovar, Gregor Čampa) 1997 Founder of Luminus Ltd. 2005 Founder of the “House of Photography” institution 2006 Curator in Fotogalerija APT […]

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  12. Pukšič Janez

    Janez Pukšič (b. 1945) is known primarily as a photographer of a specialised photographic genre: he is a culinary photographer; he photographs food, which he usually arranges into compositions himself or together with chefs. His photos adorn more than hundred internationally renowned cookbooks and have received numerous awards: the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for the […]

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  13. Pucelj Boštjan

    born 26. january 1979 in Novo mesto, Slovenia finished Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering- direction Geodesy (University of Ljubljana) in year 2005 started to interest photography at University lives and creates in region Dolenjska (south east of Slovenia) tries to do locally and thinks globally facing with documentary photography photo editor of local alternative […]

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  14. Pinter Tihomir

    Tihomir Pinter was born on January 19 in 1938 in Bjelovar. After graduating in pharmaceutical sciences in Zagreb he specialised in the analysis of foodstuffs, which was also the subject of his PhD. He has been pursuing photography since 1956 and has been exhibiting since 1961. He has been presented with the title of ‘master […]

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  15. Metzner Sheila

    Sheila Metzner’s unique photographic style has positioned her as a contemporary master in the worlds of fine art, fashion, portraiture, still life and landscape photography. Innocent, sensual, and sexual, each photo, regardless of subject, exhibits and elicits deep emotion. It is nearly impossible to just glance at Metzner’s photos; they beg to be studied. Born […]

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  16. Lui Diana

    Diana Lui is an artist, photographer and filmmaker working between Europe, North Africa, the United States and Asia. A master with the 8×10 inch view camera, Diana Lui develops long term photographic and artistic projects over several years. “Intimate Portraits”, a project on today’s ” hybrid generation of new nomads who have lost their roots […]

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  17. Kusterle Roberto

    Roberto Kusterle was born in Gorizia. At the end of the 80’s, his interest in photography begins, focusing in a research of the human representation in connection with nature around it. The images of the themes tackled tell us about a unique time where separations between dreams, reality, Men and animal melt down and uprise […]

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  18. Krivic Matjaž

    Matjaž Krivic / born 12th of Januar 1972 / Ljubljana, Slovenija MATJAŽ KRIVIC is a globe-trotting photographer specializing in capturing the personality and grandeur of indigenous people and places. For 20 years he has covered the face of the earth in his intense, personal and aesthetically moving style that has won him several prestigious awards. […]

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  19. Kokalj Mirta March 15, 2013AuthorsNo comments
  20. Kerbler Stojan

    Born at Ptujska Gora 1938. In 1969 first time proclaimed best exhibitor in Slovenia and in 1970 the best exhibitor in Yugoslavia ( A FIAP). In 1971 awarded with Golden Bird Award for the exhibiton Portraits from the Streets of Ptuj.In 1977 the People of Haloze series was exhibited in the gallery of Eastman Kodak […]

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  21. Huber Yenny

    Born 1980, Vienna, Austria Currently lives and works in Vienna, Paris and Sydney Solo Exhibitions (selection) 2009 There is no light without darkness, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2009, Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery, Melbourne Yenny Huber, The Studio, Art Melbourne 2008 Vertical Bath, Solo performance, Creative Director: Fiona Malone; Official Opening of Fraser Studios, supported by the City […]

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  22. Heiliger Wilhelm

    Wilhelm Heiliger was born in 1944 in Ljutomer. He studied philosophy, slavic languages and graphics in Graz, Austria and in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 1973 he moved to Washington D.C. and later to California. There he worked as a writer and researcher at Stanford University. Heiliger published various books, among others: Soviet and chinese personalities, Washington […]

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  23. Gaberščik Boris

    Born in Ljubljana in 1957. He graduated on department of biology, University of Ljubljana. He is working as a freelance photographer since 1986. Since 1985 he had many solo exhibitions in Ljubljana (Gallery Equrna, Museum of modern Art), Graz (Orpheum), Salzburg (Gallery Fotohof), Trieste (Studio Phi), Paris (VU’) and many group exhibitions in Budapest, Zagreb, […]

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  24. Davies Lottie

    Lottie Davies work is concerned with life-stories and personal histories, memories, beliefs and the tales we use to structure our lives. She takes inspiration from classical and modern painting, cinema and theatre, as well as the imaginary worlds of literature. She employs a deliberate reworking of our visual vocabulary, playing on our notions of nostalgia, […]

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  25. Carone Walter

    Walter Carone learned photography at his father’s studio. His father moved from Italy to Cannes, France, where he opened a photographic studio for weddings, confirmations and other festive occasions. In 1945 Carone moved to Paris, equiped only with a photographic camera and some films. He started his photographic career by working for different magazines (Ciné-vie, […]

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  26. Bravničar Aleš

    Aleš Bravničar is one of Slovenia’s most sought after fashion and commercial photographers. He specializes in creative studio and location photography for corporate, advertising, and editorial clients like Max Factor, Elle and Elle Decor, Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Adria Airways, Lisca, Zlatarne Celje, Union and Laško Breweries, Sava-Goodyear, Hermes Softlab, Modna Jana, SKB-Societe Generale, Luna, Ytong, […]

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  27. Ballen Roger

    Roger Ballen was born in New York in 1950. Since 1982 he has been living and taking photographs in South Africa. In 2001 Outland (Phaidon Press) received the Best Photography Book of the Year Award at PhotoEspaña. In 2002 Ballen won the Photographer of the Year Award at the inaugural Rencontres d’Arles Awards. Since 2002 […]

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  28. Andjelić Igor

    Igor Andjelič lives and works in Ljubljana and island of Hvar. He was born in 1961 in Ljubljana. In 1979 he completed his studies in photography and opened a graphic design studio. He also worked as a photo reporter and exhibited his work at the same time. His several years of cooperation with gallery ŠKUC […]

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  29. 3rd National Geographic Junior Photo Competition March 15, 2013AuctionsNo comments
  30. 4th National Geographic Junior Photo Competition March 15, 2013AuctionsNo comments
  31. Charity auction of the best photographs by the participants of the National Geographic Slovenia and National Geographic Junior competition

    On Tuesday, November 10th, 2009 at 6pm at the Palacij Hall, Ljubljana castle The auctioneer on an already traditional event, organized by Galerija Fotografija, is going to be mr. Mitja Meršol. All the photograps can be seen at the S gallery at Ljubljana castle or here. The funds are going to be raised for Slovenian […]

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  32. Charity auction of the best photographs by the participants of the National Geographic Slovenia and National Geographic Junior competition March 15, 2013AuctionsNo comments
  33. Charity Auction for Children in Japan

    26th October 2011 at 6 pm You are cordially invited to the charity auction to bid on artworks, all connected to Japan, by acclaimed slovenian photographers Metka Vergnion, Matej Sitar and Aleš Bravničar. All funds raised through the sale of artworks in this auction will be donated to the japanese children affected by the spring […]

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  34. 1st National Geographic Junior Photo Competition March 13, 2013AuctionsNo comments
  35. Galerija Fotografija at Cultural Bazaar


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