1. Diana Lui: The Feminine Beyond

    Exhibition prolonged until 26 januar 2012.

    Before they become a work of art, Diana Lui’s nudes are images of a body, but they are also the reflection of the social environment the model belongs to as well as of the history that has formed its identity to the point that the mere image of the nude is so strong, a name associated with it becomes unnecessary.

    The real source of identity in this paradoxical unveiling is in the eyes, their expression, their gaze that Diana Lui’s artistic treatment of the image and quality of the portrait lead us to. The gaze can be tense like a dart ready to strike, but also be a shield to protect the thoughts and sensibility of a defenseless model left there in a delicate yet sensual state of abandonment. The eyes however all speak to us, they look at us to reveal a thought or an emotion. But those darts and shields are in fact a decoy; they’re not there to frighten us away but on the contrary to pull us into an interior world.”

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  2. Defining your photographic identity

    This workshop will teach participants to read and interpret images as well as to construct coherent series of images for their own specific projects and needs. Participants will learn how to place their images in a visual context, whether historical or thematic according to two principal axis: the professional world (press, agencies, galleries, book publishing, […]

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