1. Marc Riboud: Huang Shan, Capital of Heaven & others

    The exhibition will be opened by the director of the French Institute Charles Nodier, Mr. Jean Jacques Victor.

    Marc Riboud, member and one of the pioneers of the famous Magnum agency, showed in the great body of his work a vast array of places from around the world, yet could always emphasize the everyday stories of the local people: in the sensitive description of painful situations of war, in mirroring the impact of politics and ideologies on the lives of the people, or in the lyrical description of daily life.

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  2. Janez Pukšič: Polaroids

    The central part of the exhibition includes mainly work from the 1990s, when most of them were made.

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  3. Jane Štravs: Too Much, Too Little

    Jane Štravs: Too Much, Too Little The exhibition by Jane Štravs, master of candid and visually purified portraits, features his photographic production of the last five years, focusing primarily on portraits of known and less known personalities. The author has been involved in portraiture ever since his first engagement in photography. The 1980s, when he […]

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  4. Montenegro in the magic eye of princess Xenia

    Montenegro in the magic eye of princess Xenia The materially modest legacy of Princess Ksenija provides us with almost intimate insight into the private life of Montenegrin Princess Ksenija who has been famous for her intellect and talent but before everything she has been known as an adamant patriot. Her deep love for Montenegrin nation […]

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  5. Museum Summer night 2010 in Galerija Fotografija

    On Museum Summer Night we’re open from 10am till 10pm. On show: Jan Saudek – The Divine Comedy Museum on a Summer Night 10% discount for all photographs from the gallery collection and 5% discount for books and magazines.

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  6. Jan Saudek: The Divine Comedy

    Jan Saudek: The Divine Comedy Jan Saudek was born in Prague in 1935. His first attempts at photography were made when he received his first camera at the age of 15. In the years that followed, he was also drawn to painting. His artistic work was heavily influenced by the catalogue of the photography exhibition […]

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  7. Gallery talk with the photographer Antonio Živkovič

    Monday, May 17th 2010 at 6pm Antonio Živkovič will present the work of the last decade and his publications, especially his recent book Antonio Živkovič: Photographs 98-08. At the occasion Živkovič’s books are going to be available with 10% discount.

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  8. Jane Štravs’ fashion photography from the series Fuel, Angel’s kin and Cliche at Salon Slovenijales Bivanje

    Jane Štravs’ fashion photography from the series Fuel, Angel’s kin and Cliche at Salon Slovenijales Bivanje Opening: April 21st 2010 at 7pm. Salon Slovenijales Bivanje, Dunajska cesta 20, Ljubljana. The exhibition will be on show untill May 24th 2010. Opening hours: Monday -Friday 9.00 – 20.00 Saturday 9.00 – 18.00

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  9. Paris Photo

    18. – 21. NOV 2010, Le Caroussel de Louvre This year Paris Photo edition turns the Spotlight on Central Europe: Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic . This Statement section is curated by Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez. Galerija Fotografija is exhibiting works of folowing artists: UROŠ ABRAM IGOR ANDJELIČ BORIS GABERŠČIK STOJAN KERBLER KLAVDIJ SLUBAN JANE ŠTRAVS […]

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  10. Galerija Fotografija galerry has become the official distributor of the Eyemazing for Slovenia.

    Galerija Fotografija Gallery has become the official distributor of the Eyemazing for Slovenia. The latest issue is available at Galerija Fotografija. Here you can also subscribe for the magazine. Current issue: 25 eur Subscription (4 issues): 119 eur (postage and VAT included). Subscriptions: info@galerijafotografija.si

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  11. Herman Pivk: Photographs

    Herman Pivk: Photographs Exhibition catalogue Herman Pivk is an established Slovenian photographer who has developed a unique type of photography. His characteristic style emerges from a complete control of the photographic medium, particularly the element which is foreign to most photographers working in the most usual way today, or is being forgotten because of new […]

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  12. Gallery talk with the author of the exhibition We are dogs! Jaka Babnik

    23. 2. 2010 at 6pm: Gallery talk with the photographer Jaka Babnik The talk will be moderated by Katja Praznik, author of the exhibition text. It will explore the backgrounds of the series We are dogs! and the principle of ethics in photojournalism. After the talk: Author’s signing of the book We are dogs!

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  13. Jaka Babnik: We Are Dogs!

    Jaka Babnik: We Are Dogs! Exhibition Catalogue Are we dogs? The photographic essay by Jaka Babnik, subtly entitled We Are Dogs!, is an auto-reflective study, carrying a tendency to deconstruct one of the socially recognized and acceptable forms of fight in its very core. The deconstruction is carried out by both questioning the essence of […]

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