1. Panel disscusion about classical black & white photography

    We kindly invite you to the panel disscusion about classical black & white photography at the occasion of the exhibition Treasure by Tihomir Pinter with:Tihomir Pinter, photographer, Boris Gaberščik, photographer and Aleksander Bassin, art historian and art critic. Both photographers use classical analogue techniques for their fine art photography. Wednesday, 18th December 2009 at 6pm […]

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  2. Charity auction of artworks (Galerija Zala & Galerija Fotografija) December 2, 2009NewsNo comments
  3. Tihomir Pinter: Treasure

    Exhibition catalogue Treasure (selection from the series Detail in Iron) In the art photography circles, Tihomir Pinter is known primarily for his series of portraits of Slovenian visual artists, musicians and writers, and his portrayal of everyday life in iron foundries across the former Yugoslavia. The exhibition entitled Treasure presents a selection of works from […]

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  4. Paul Serrada: Et in arcadia ego

    Paul Serrada: Et in arcadia ego … “et in arcadia ego” (even in arcadia i exist) is a Latin phrase that is usually interpreted as a ‘memento mori’ (remember you must die) – a reminder of man’s mortality. This phrase has come down history as if spoken by Hades personified. Such phrase then is meant […]

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  5. Žiga Koritnik: The Lake

    Žiga Koritnik: The Lake Presentation and signing of the new book by Žiga Koritnik “Jezero / The Lake” black and white photographic impressions of Lake Bohinj / Slovenia and one night exhibition 15th September 2009 at 8pm

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  6. Angelika Sher: Twilight sleep

    Angelika Sher: Twilight sleep Memento mori Thoughts about Angelika Sher’s Twilight Sleep Angelika Sher’s new photographs read for me as a symbolic coded text. In most of them, the object appears to be a signifier. As in a dreaming state, the photograph does not focus on the horse, nor on a table set for a feast. […]

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  7. The FOTO8 Summershow and awards 2009

    The FOTO8 Summershow and awards 2009 Aleš Bravničar is taking part at The FOTO8 Summershow and awards 2009, London, beetwen 25th July and 5th September 2009. More…

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  8. Museums on Summer Night at Galerija Fotografija Gallery

    Saturday, June 20th, at 11.00 am The photographic techniques from the beginning of the 20th century, bromoil and gum arabic prints. Lecture by art historian Valentin Benedik. TODAY OPEN 10AM – 10PM MUSEUM ON SUMMER NIGHT 10% DISCOUNT FOR ALL PHOTOGRAPHS FROM THE GALLERY COLLECTION

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  9. Sheila Metzner: Time Line

    Sheila Metzner: Time Line Sheila Metzner’s unique photographic style has positioned her as a contemporary master in the worlds of fine art, fashion, portraiture, still life and landscape photography. Innocent, sensual, and sexual, each photo, regardless of subject, exhibits and elicits deep emotion. It is nearly impossible to just glance at Metzner’s photos; they beg […]

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  10. Galerija Fotografija at Marina v Izoli /Marina di Isola

    Galerija Fotografija at Marina v Izoli / Marina di Isola Miniverse – Aleš Bravničar 30. May – 25. August 2009

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  11. Galerija Fotografija in the Remixx gallery April 24, 2009NewsNo comments
  12. Roger Ballen: Boarding House

    Roger Ballen: Boarding House More about the author at http://www.rogerballen.com Ballen, who is known for his critically acclaimed publications Drops, Small Towns of South Africa; Platteland, Images from Rural South Africa; Outland and Shadow Chamber, has recently finished a new book called Boarding House, published by Phaidon Press, March 2009. The book focuses on the […]

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  13. Viennafair

    The International Contemporary Art Fair, Vienna Galerija Fotografija, Booth A15050 www.viennafair.at Focusing on young art and new galleries the VIENNAFAIR represents the dynamic development on the international art scene with a heavy emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe. On the Fair Galerija Fotografija gallery is representing two slovenian photographers Stojan Kerbler and Boris Gaberščik. STOJAN […]

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  14. Wilhelm Heiliger: Concrete Photographs

    Wilhelm Heiliger

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