1. Sputnik: At the Border

    Sputnik: At the Border “AT THE BORDER” – A PHOTO ESSAY A few years ago, when post-communist countries citizens started to leave their countries en masse in search of better work opportunities in Western Europe, they were not received enthusiastically there. The residents of the host countries were worried that cheap labour from East would […]

    February 6, 2008ExhibitionsNo comments
  2. Aleš Bravničar: Miniverse

    If any part of the world, which in its vastness transcends across a limitless space, were to be deprived of the element of depth, it would instantly change into a tiny miniature which would not have much common with real life. These places would become their own simulations, products of a synthesis of actual locations and their virtual miniaturization. And, what’s more – the newly formed images would, reminiscent of an accurate and carefully construed model, question every single distinguishing element between the real and the imaginary, the authentic and the fake.

    February 4, 2008ExhibitionsNo comments