Program: 3 meetings – 2 weekend group meetings and 1 Skype individual meeting

first meeting: 
19.5. – 21.5.2017

second meeting:
autumn 2017


individual one to one meeting mid-August by Skype ( 1 to 1.5 hours session ) – to be arranged with each participant

Program: 3 meetings – 2 weekend group meetings and 1 Skype individual meeting

first meeting in May 2017

Friday, 19.5.2017

from 5pm to 8pm – Welcome meeting, introduction of workshop, introduction of each participant’s work or work in progress

Saturday, 20.5.2017

before sunrise(6am) to sunset (6pm), lunch break 12.30pm to 2pm – outing to a specific site surrounded by nature to do exercises specified by mentor, please bring your cameras, video recording devices, sketching pads, etc;
bring as well lunch and tea, picnic outside

Sunday, 21.5.2017

10pm to 6pm, lunch break 12.30pm to 2pm – editing, reviewing of work made the day before, suggestions and advice from the mentor

individual one to one meeting mid-August by Skype ( 1 to 1.5 hours session ) – to be arranged with each participant

second weekend meeting in October 2017

Saturday 10pm to 6pm, lunch break 12.30pm to 2pm – revision of exercises, finishing touches to the works completed Sunday 10pm to 6pm, lunch break 12.30pm to 2pm -installation of the work, round table discussion of the work, mentor will suggest next steps to be taken for the works presented, interaction with the public

Program fees: 650€/person(if necessary, can be paid in two instalments, 325€ in May and 325€ in July)

number of participants: 10 maximum, minimum 6

Last day for the application, 5.5.2017

Send us e-mail to barbara.ceferin@galerijafotografija.si

Thank you!

“Self” – an original workshop by Diana Lui

A quest for the elusive “Self”- this unique workshop proposed by mentor Diana Lui, a multidisciplinary artist and photographer of multi-cultural origins (Chinese born in Malaysia, grew up in the USA and based in Paris since 1998) is more than a photography workshop. Well-known internationally for her original photographic work on identity, Diana will guide participants through the intuitive discovery of the “self”, where the process of taking that great leap into the “Unknown” will be initiated through short exercises in the midst of nature.
It is from the “inner self” that true creativity is born and anyone wishing to live creatively and realise their creative potential must first turn in before turning out.

This workshop will approach photography in a completely unconventional manner where different forms of image creation and image technology available today will be encouraged.

Whether through photographing themselves or others, through video, animation(stop motion), voice or/and sound recording, pinhole cameras, photograms, mixed media(painting, engraving, installation, sculpture) multimedia or performance art, different forms of self-expression and creation will be accepted and encouraged to develop and awaken each participant’s creativity.

The final result of the workshop will be an overall presentation of the work made during the 5 month period.

An informal presentation inside Galerija Fotografija gallery on the last day of the workshop will be installed by participants, the mentor will conclude and advice the next steps to take to further the work. The informal presentation at the gallery will be open to the public as well.

Diana Lui is an artist, photographer and filmmaker working between Europe, North Africa, the United States and Asia. A master with the 8×10 inch view camera, Diana Lui develops long term photographic and artistic projects over several years. “Intimate Portraits”, a project on today’s ” hybrid generation of new nomads who have lost their roots and origins due to the onslaught of globalism ” was initiated 20 years ago and continues to develop to this day. In the history of photography, Diana Lui’s work can be compared to that of August Sander’s portraits of the German people. However, where both their black and white portraits are subtle and realistic, Lui takes off from August Sander’s objectivity with a lyricism and sensitivity of her own interpretation. The harmonious combination of masculine objectivity with a feminine lyricism makes her work unique among the world of portrait and art photography today. Her latest project explores the « veil and its universal semantics in Europe, the Orient and Asia. Lui’s monumental portraits of people, landscapes and trees have graced some of the most prestigious museums in the world – Guangdong Museum of Art, Shanghai Art Museum, Fototeca de Monterrey in Mexico, Museo de Bellas Artes Caracas in Venezuela, Musée de la Photographie de Charleroi, etc. Her training in both fine arts and photography make her a versatile artist in mediums other than photography. In recent years, she has expanded into installation art from creating works in-situ inside museums and outdoors on cultural and historical sites.



Tue - Fri: 10-19

Sat: 10-14


and by appointment